Winter Sports – The Ultimate Challenge

Winter sports refer to a sport played on snow or ice, but it also includes sports played in winter all year round like basketball. It is called winter sport because the sport branch is played in winter and under winter circumstances. Winter sports are found more adventurous than other sport branches. Sporting with ice and snow is related with adrenalin. Here you can find some winter sports and information about them.


Sledding is a popular winter sport. For it, a sled is required basically. There are amateur sledding activities especially among children. In addition to that, sledding is a professional sport branch. In some Olympics, sledding is an important sport. Sledding became a winter sport only in 19th century. Sledding is used as a way of transportation along with being a sport. It is a sport branch that requires special attention because injury, accidents are possible while sledding down from a slope.


Skate on the snow! Skating is one of the most interesting winter sports. The idea is very similar with ordinary skating. However this time player skates on the ice. Using skates, if you find a suitable area for skating, try this sport.


Skiing is the most popular winter sport. It is such a widespread activity that skiing is a part of winter tourism. Along with being a professional sport, skiing is also an activity of amateurs. When people skied for the first time, the aim was not sport. They were trying to go from somewhere to somewhere else. Briefly, it was used as a transportation way. When everything was like this, the skiing equipment was also simple. People used tree as ski. Skiing was improved much. The methods, equipment, types, everything changed. There are many types of skiing. These change according to the equipment, area, way and the aim of the sport. Some skiing types are Nordic skiing, military skiing and kite skiing, alpine skiing and cross country skiing.


As sport technologies developed more and more, new sport branches emerged. Snowboarding is one of them. It is a new winter sport branch. It became popular only after the second half of 20th century. Snowboarding is the combination of surfing, boarding and skiing. It is a sport branch that requires skill and hardworking. The player wears a special shoe that is on the board. Snowboarding is played on the slopes that are covered with snow.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is played on the ice by two teams. It is a team sport. Ice hockey can be played on artificial hockey rink. However, it is classified, as a winter sport as playing on the natural ice is preferred. The basic aim of ice hockey is controlling the disc on the ice. The disc is played with sticks. The teams win point when they send the disc into the goal area. Six players play during ice hockey game. A team has more than 20 players. A game takes three periods of 15 or 20 minutes. Ice hockey is popular especially in United States of America, Canada, Finland and Czech Republic. It is popular in these countries as there were more suitable areas in these countries. But ice hockey can be played in every country now as playing on the artificial ice is also possible.

Snowball Fight

Snowball fight is generally categorized as a game. However, snowball fight is a part of some sport organizations. It is very simple. The players throw snowball to each other. The aim is just fun. Teams can play snowball fight. Each team tries to hit the other.

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Are Pregnancy Symptoms Reliable? Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Healthy Before Giving Birth

The pregnancy symptoms are there, but you’re not 100% sure that you are pregnant, even though the pregnancy test reading showed positive. You will need the help of a medic for assurance. You must not be scared to see a doctor if this is the reason that you are trying to identify the symptoms yourself. In pregnancy you cannot avoid seeing a doctor. At some point you will need his or her help.

Are you excited after finding out you are pregnant? And why wouldn’t you be. It’s a fabulous time for every woman expecting her first baby. However, with the first baby and overall pregnancy some women tend to feel anxious and frightened. This is because they don’t know what to expect in the next nine months leading up to the birth.

First let’s not panic, remember you are expecting a baby therefore unnecessary stress is not good. There is nothing to worry or be frightened about. Throughout your pregnancy you will be monitored by a doctor or midwife from day one. Any questions ask those looking after you for the answers.

Want to know if you have conceived? Check the list below of pregnancy symptoms.

Note: Not all women are the same in pregnancy and symptoms may differ.

1. Women often connect pregnancy with that missing period. Yes it is a typical sign however, there are other reasons why the menstrual cycle plays up. If menstruation has altered and your period hasn’t come don’t fret it causes stress and that is not healthy. Remember the first couple of months are critical so avoid fretting.

2. Morning sickness. Another typical early pregnancy symptom. Vomiting can happen at any time of the day, but women are more known to throw up first thing in the morning.

3. Tender breasts is unavoidable due to them growing in size. Aside from soreness, a tingling sensation with visible veins may appear on the outer of each breast. Nipples might darken and feel firmer

4. The urge to urinate more is something you may have to cope with as it’s a common symptom.

5. Constipation happens because of pressure of the growing uterus on the rectum.

6. Another early pregnancy sign is vaginal discharge increasing in loss.

7. Body changes especially in the first trimester will affect the pregnant woman causing tiredness and fatigue

8. A first trimester symptom not in all women is the nasty taste in the mouth at the time of eating usually.

9. Not all women have cravings but the vast majority do. It remains unclear why craving certain foods happen. Past research stated it’s down to no special nutrients in the body or hormonal changes.

Symptoms help prove conditions fact however, unless a doctor is the one trying to identify the symptoms you yourself must not depend on them.

You are not alone in pregnancy, aside from family your doctor and midwife are there throughout every stage. Take each day as it comes. Do as instructed by the midwife, and there shouldn’t be any reason not to have a great nine months and give birth to healthy baby boy or girl.


1. Always check with a professional first before doing anything you are not familiar with. As mentioned earlier not all women carry their baby the same therefore what may help and be good for one expectant mother may be a bad thing for another. Enjoying your pregnancy will make you feel good about yourself and baby too in the womb, so yes enjoy this time.

2. Be strict with your health. A healthy lifestyle is always important for you and the unborn baby. If advised by the midwife not to do something, then don’t do it. She will have said this for a reason.

3. Eat foods suggested by the midwife or dietician.

4. Brace yourself for early pregnancy symptoms and body changes. Remember that fat belly isn’t going to be there long if your shape is a problem to you. Shops these days have beautiful designer maternity wear for women like you. Try not to let your size bother you just focus on the end deal and you will be fine.

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Women – Fat and Weight Loss

For a good majority of women, fat and weight control related issues have always been very important. Most eat and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight. While some women find that staying trim comes naturally and they don’t have to work very hard at it, others find it pretty difficult to take off a few unwanted pounds most especially as they grow older.

Body image, sexuality and self-image are generally intricately interwoven for women. However the perceptions most women have of their own bodies and also the perception of those whose bodies they love have mostly been negatively impacted by all sorts of social and marketing influences. The media today basically want women to have bodies of pubescent girls that are lean, taut, have hips out, curves out, whose breast must be appropriately perky and youthful with a visible musculature. This is a very high demand to say the least, considering the age factor and the challenges of female hormones.

Sexual empowerment for both men and women begin with high self-esteem and positive body image. When a woman is comfortable with her appearance, size, and shape, she’s naturally more tuned to her senses and her sexuality takes on a whole new meaning and more readily want to have sex, try new positions, ideas and sexual techniques. However it is disheartening the degree to which women of today stake their happiness, their future, and/or their sexuality on some fantasised weight loss or other such personal physical “improvement”.

It’s also interesting to note that while the anger felt by most women about the pressure put on them by the society to have perfect bodies is understandable, most women’s appearance is not only scrutinised more carefully by other women but often unfairly criticised by the women themselves. The problem is that most women cannot help but compare themselves. It can arguably be said that most women dress for other women – though they dress to please men – it is what other women say that matter most to them. Men can more easily compliment themselves but this is hardly so for women – who are in a constant competition among themselves to win the supposed “Miss Fit” contest. In fact, women are far more critical about the shape of their bodies and weight than men are about them.

Why do women add more weight than men? A woman’s lifestyle (unbalanced dieting and lack of exercise) and her female hormones are the big culprits when it comes to talking about excess fat in women. Women seem to pay a much higher social price for their excess fat while fat men somehow “get away with it”. Most fat men get fat by eating too much but this is not always true for women. Naturally, male hormones keep muscle mass high and fat levels low but apparently the reverse holds true for female hormones.

Food is made up of calories, or units of energy. Physical activity and normal body metabolism burn calories. When a person takes in more calories than the body uses, the extra calories are stored as fat. These fat cells enlarge or decrease in size depending on the balance of energy in the body. The metabolic pathways of female hormones favour the reduction of calories used in generating body heat and increasing the storage of body fat by increasing the use of calories to make fat. In general, women’s metabolism tends to turn more of their calories into fat, while men’s tend to produce more heat from calories. Thus Women get fat more easily than men, and it’s harder for them to lose fat.

Most women are actually about the right size, but are unhappy with their shape because they compare themselves with women in the media. However, sometimes weight becomes a real problem physically, medically, emotionally, and/or psychologically. A woman who carries around many extra pounds has a bigger burden than the literal weight as she will be prone to measure herself first, before any personal accomplishment – considering her weight a primary personal failure.

In reality, women should take a more retrospective look at their lifestyle, and the demand being made on them by most of the media. The point is that much of women’s frustration about body fat is a mistake. The desire for those super-skinny female celebrities in magazines is based on a misconception. Even a fit, healthy woman would be hard-pressed to achieve the body of these young celebrities. When consideration is given to issues such as pregnancy, motherhood, full-time careers, menopause, and aging in the life of an everyday woman, these over-rated media-hyped models should really vanish into oblivion. Women are simply just setting unattainable goals for themselves.

When women start becoming more confident and taking a more positive attitude toward their bodies, they soon start realising how sexy they really are and can be. The truth is that every woman definitely has some positive qualities about her body – which might be her cute feet, heavy breasts, long eyelashes, super-shiny hair, or marvellous curves. Every woman is unique and while she might be busy looking down on some of your features, there are others wishing they had them. Therefore it is best to be yourself, inside and out and be proud of your physical qualities, enhancing and accentuating them as they are part of your overall sexuality.

However, this is not about disregard for healthy standards. Being overweight can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease, breast cancer and diabetes. It also can complicate pregnancy and it may even make getting pregnant more difficult. Long term studies indicate that the overall risk of developing chronic disease is generally related to one’s body mass index (BMI) as follows: BMI under 20 (may be associated with health problems for some women – e.g., anaemia, eating disorder, increased susceptibility to infection); BMI 20-25 (risk is very low – healthy weight); BMI 25-26.9 (risk is starting to increase – caution zone: overweight); BMI 27-29.9 (moderate risk – overweight); BMI 30+ (high risk – obese).

Your health risk is only partially determined by weight as there are other risk factors such as poor diet, alcohol, lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure and of course female hormones, all which play important roles. However, in their desperate attempt to get rid of fat, some women resort to fasting or to weird, unbalanced dieting gimmicks that simply worsen the problem.

There are many positive actions a woman can take to feel better about her weight as taking good care of her body will help her feel more attractive. If you feel your BMI needs some reduction, especially for health reasons, a healthy balanced dieting to get rid of excess fat is a good starter and women in general should eat as much healthy food as possible. Also routine aerobic exercising to enhance the body’s ability to burn fat will help reap the rewards of a healthier, happier and better sex life.

Emotional health is the key to being beautiful. Therefore, self-pride and self-responsibility are imperative requirements, if you want to establish and maintain weight control, a healthy exercise regimen, or some other physical routine. Starting a healthy balanced dieting habit and adding routine exercise will make you feel good about the fact that you are taking positive steps to achieving a fitter, firmer, and overall more healthy body – all of which will make you feel better about showing it off.

However, women should be optimistic but realistic about the prospect of losing excess weight because the fatter a woman is, the less competent her body is at releasing fat from fat cells; preventing calories from entering fat cells and burning fat for calories. As a result, the fatter she is, the less able she is to get rid of fat. The fatter and more out of shape a woman is, the slower the fat loss becomes. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Whether you are curvaceous, delicate, muscular, thin, or plump, your body type is part of your sexuality. So start on a healthy balanced diet and routine exercise regime because the sexiest women are those who are most comfortable in their own skin.

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Does Yoga Burn for Women Actually Work?

Strong muscles define a strong body, and what better way to strengthen one’s muscles than to perform Yoga- which is centuries old routine carried out to keep the body in perfect physical as well as mental health. Yoga has been hailed as one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy weight and muscles. The “Asans” of Yoga stretches your muscles, in order to strengthen them. Strong muscles not only look good, but they prevent the risk of various problems such as arthritis and muscle pain, back and joint pain etc.

With the advantages of Yoga becoming known to people all over the globe, more and more fitness experts are adapting it as a part of their routine. While there are so many videos, tutorials and help related to the matter, nothing provides you with your own self help guide centered specifically on your comfort as Yoga Burn. Yoga Burn for women, is your one stop guide to all the essential Yoga Asins and postures so that you can easily do Yoga at your own pace and pleasure.

Yoga burn- founded by the fitness Guru Zoe Bray-Cotton is a revolutionary Yoga system which is transforming the lives of many around the globe. Based on almost all the essential styles and postures of Yoga, Yoga Burn focuses on transforming your life with simple yet very powerful and effective styles, so that you can incorporate Yoga into your daily life with ease.

Yoga Burn is made specifically for women, from all fields and professions, who find it difficult to run down to a gym in busy traffic, on sweaty mats and other things, as Yoga Burn gives you with a do-it-yourself kind of program, where you get all the instructions and how-to’s from the fitness Guru herself, who will be delightfully guiding you towards the proper way of doing different postures and styles. Yoga Burn is designed to promote healthy weight loss, without using medication of any kind and treatments. It is for the women who dislike spending long hours at the gym and for those who have a busy schedule and cannot leave the workplace for long hours or can’t find the time to go to the gym, as this self-help program will assist you in getting your ideal body and gain confidence in your body and yourself.

Yoga Burn is a unique program which is designed around the concept of Dynamic sequencing, which is a way through which it is explained how a posture is to be done in the right way and how to adjust your body according to it. It focuses around the concept of maximum fat burning and muscle strengthening for lifelong effects, unlike other yoga classes where you have to go each day. Signing up for the program, you get package on Yoga Burn, which reveals step by step Sequence of the Yoga Practise, and also contains DVD’s of trainings, programs and all other stuff including special goodies from the Fitness Guru Zoe.

The best thing about Yoga Burn is not only that you master the art of Yoga, but also get to know your own style and decide for yourself which postures “Asins” suit best for you, so that you can practice them only once you have completed the training. The training could be done anywhere, anytime. In addition to all that, there are also bonuses training on Yoga absolutely FREE, Once you sign up for the Yoga Burn Program with shipping and handling. You will definitely get blown away by the amazing program routine.

As the program is designed for novice to expert users, you can assure yourself that you will find it absolutely amazing and realize how simple Yoga could be and how practicing it daily would not only give you great shape, but also increase your spiritual and mental health as well.

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Smoking Fetish Of Women

According to one of the researches, it has been found that the smell and taste of cigarettes play a greater role in women’s smoking behavior than in that of men. Another study found that cognitive-behavioral therapy aimed at changing attitudes about weight promotes smoking cessation by women. Even if we compare their stats with men, we’ll be surprised to know that the guys who smoke are one out of every three. However, while smoking as well as smoking-related deaths from such diseases as lung cancer have been falling in men, they have been increasing in women. Smoking, in fact, takes a greater toll on the health of women than men; a smoking woman loses, on an average, 15 years of her life while a smoking man loses just over 13 years.

In the first half of the 20th century, lung cancer in women was extremely atypical. In addition to that smoking wasn’t very ubiquitous. Unfortunately, that soon changed when the tobacco industry started targeting women. In 1964, the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health was released and it became clear that smoking was a deadly habit which engulfed 45 percentages of women all over. A media campaign followed and smoking rates began to fall, as did tobacco industry profits. But the rates declined more in men than women; the tobacco industry had started their own media campaign, once again marketing directly to women.

Lung Cancer

By 1987, lung cancer had outdone breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

Today, more women die each year from lung cancer than breast cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancers combined. In fact, lung cancer among women is now considered a scourge, killing almost 75,000 in the US last year. Women appear to be more vulnerable to lung cancer than men, and they tend to get it at younger ages.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

o Shortness of breath

o Fever with an unknown cause

o Hoarseness

o Chest pain

o Wheezing

o Coughing up blood

o Chronic cough

o Weight loss & loss of appetite

o Repeated bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia

Other Smoking influenced Diseases in Women

While lung cancer might be the most lethal disease caused by smoking, it’s not the only one. Smoking doubles the risk of having a heart attack, and increases the risk of dying from a heart attack within the first hour. This is an especially serious problem for women since women are more likely to die after a first heart attack than men. Women who use birth control pills; and smoke are at especially high risk of having a heart attack.

Smoking also increases the risk of other cancers, including breast, uterine cancer, bladder and oral cancer. Smoking also increases a woman’s risk of low bone density and osteoporosis.

Smoking-Related Disorders in Women

o Heart disease

o Stroke

o Lung cancer

o Emphysema

o Oral cancer

o Uterine cancer

o Breast cancer

o Bladder cancer

o Rectal cancer

o Colorectal polyps

o Osteoporosis

o Infertility

o Early Menopause

o Miscarriages

o Stillbirths

Family Matters

Smoking is not just bad for women; it’s bad for their families and future families as well. Smoking can cause infertility in women. If a woman becomes pregnant, smoking increases her risk of miscarriages, stillbirths and premature births. Mothers who smoke during pregnancy are also more likely to have babies with asthma, sleeping disorders and chronic ear infections than non-smoking mothers. The menstrual cycle phase has an effect on both mood and tobacco withdrawal symptoms for women trying to quit smoking — a finding that clearly suggests that women could improve their success rate simply by starting their quit attempt during certain days of their cycle.

Cosmetic and Other Considerations

Ironically, teens and young women often think smoking is sexy and glamorous. However, the consequences — such as stained fingers and teeth, tooth loss, gum disease, bad breath — are anything but sexy and glamorous. Smoking also hastens the aging process most likely because of its adverse effect on estrogen. It can cause early menopause, facial wrinkling, and permanent voice lowering and urinary incontinence.

Old Habits Die Hard

Women and girls are not only more susceptible than men to the negative consequences of smoking; they are more likely to become addicted to cigarettes even when smoking comparable amounts.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to a man…and woman. Researchers are studying gender differences in smoking behavior and working to develop treatment plans that will help more women end their nicotine addiction. In fact, nicotine is considered more addictive than heroin or cocaine. And nicotine is more addictive for women than men.

The highly addictive nature of nicotine is a major reason why most people have difficulty quitting smoking, and women have a harder time quitting than men. Another thing that makes quitting difficult for women is the weight gain that, unfortunately, often accompanies quitting smoking. On the other hand, the weight gain, which rarely exceeds five pounds, can be reversed by a healthy diet and exercise.

More importantly, quitting smoking can also reverse many of the deadly consequences of the habit.

Weighing the Benefits

A woman who stops smoking reduces her risk of stroke to pre-smoking levels. Within a year, her smoking-related risk of heart disease drops by 50 percent. After three years, the risk of a heart attack is no greater than for a woman who never smoked. Within five years, her smoking-related risk of heart disease can disappear altogether. Clearly, the benefits of quitting outweigh the possibility of any weight gain. So think again…Are we going the right way?

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Choosing a Sport Bra – Tips for Petite Women

If you are an active woman, it is important for you to consider the sports bra that you are wearing while you are taking part in any type of fitness routine. This is important for women of all sizes, but there may be special considerations for choosing a sports bra if you are a petite woman. Here are some tips which can help you in choosing a petite bra for your next trip to the gym.

First of all, it is very important for you to ignore the rumor that small busted women are able to exercise in any type of bra. The fact of the matter is, it is not only going to keep you more comfortable when you choose a sports bra that fits you properly; it can also help to improve your health in a number of ways. Fortunately, there are sports bras that are available for petite women that will fit properly. It will allow you to choose a bra that is the right size for you rather than trying to conform to a bra size that does not fit properly.

One of the benefits of being a petite woman is the fact that you do not need to be as concerned about your breasts sagging over the course of time. That doesn’t mean that you can completely overlook the possibility of it occurring. When you exercise regularly, especially when you do so vigorously, you could damage the ligament which keeps your breasts firm, known as the Cooper’s ligament (Source: “Jogger’s Breast”, Sports injury clinic). Your chest muscles, however well-developed they may be, do not provide support for your breast tissue.

That is one of the most important reasons why you should choose a sports bra that is the right size for you. It will support your breasts during the time that you are exercising without being overly restrictive. This also has the added benefit of reducing pain that may occur during the time that you are exercising. That pain may exist if the Cooper’s ligament is allowed to stretch unnecessarily.

Many of the signs which could indicate that you are wearing the wrong size bra may not be possible with a sports bra. Those signs include loose straps on the shoulders if it is too large or the straps digging into the shoulders or your side/back if the bra is too small. That is why it is important for you to be measured professionally so that you can begin choosing from among the bras that are the right size for you. Keep in mind, your breast size may change slightly throughout the month so try to get measured on one of your “average” days.

One other consideration for choosing a sports bra if you are a petite woman is the possibility that it may be unflattering. Sports bras have the tendency to make small breasts disappear, causing what is sometimes referred to as a uniboob. You can overcome this problem by opting for an encapsulation bra, which has two separate cups instead of a single band.


“Jogger’s Breast”, Sports injury clinic,

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Proper Body Hygiene for Women

Practicing and maintaining good physical hygiene is crucial to avoiding complications in the human body’s private areas. As it is, in the western culture, our armpits, feet, anal, vaginal, and pelvic areas are secluded from open fresh air many hours of any given day. These areas have creases in the skin that traps in moisture hastening the probability of bacteria growth if not thoroughly cleansed with mild soap and warm water daily. For some, several times a day. While it is important for men and women to execute healthy hygiene habits, it is even more so for the woman.

While both male and female typically build up an odor in their feet (especially if they have worn socks and encased shoes all day), armpits, and private areas, the woman has the added probability of obtaining a strong fish like odor in and around her vagina if proper body hygiene is not adhered to daily. Because the vagina is made up soft, moist tissue, it is not uncommon for a woman to periodically experience a light odor by the end of a day. Often times, this may result in a slight vaginal discharge as well.

Those who live in warmer climates, yet forced by society to cover up for fear of arrest for indecent exposure may experience it even more so. Other lifestyles that may cause a smelly vaginal odor and discharge is that of a dancer, gymnast, deep sea diver, etc. These sports require the athlete to wear non-breathable fabric such as nylon ballet tights, spandex leotards, and full bodied rubber suits for hours at a time while executing physical exertion adding even more heat to the already creviced and enclosed areas. Entrapping the vagina and other bodily parts with folds of skin or tissue to trap in the moisture causing bacteria to form and grow. For the woman, this may result in a slight vaginal yeast infection. If left unchecked, it could grow into a health problem.

All the typical problems mentioned above can be avoided by following seven crucial steps:

1) Shower in the morning to start your day off fresh, and at night before going to bed

2) Allow some time in the day for all secluded parts of the body to be free of clothing to receive fresh air

3) Wear cotton or thronged under underwear to allow air flow

4) Wear a cotton bra with no padding to allow fresh air under the creases of the breast

5) Douche with vinegar and water regularly

6) Refrain from being sexual active with multiple partners and get medical information from anyone with whom you are sexually active

7) Visit your OBGYN on regular basis… they will be able to detect if anything out of the norm is causing the odor and offer a diagnosis to cure you

Women are beautiful creatures. In order for the body scent to reflect the inner and outer beauty of the woman, do not just cover up with perfumes. Take good care of the vessel you have been given. Practice good hygiene and enjoy being a woman.

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How to Keep Female Hormones in Check

What is hormones and why are they important? Hormone are a vitally important part of our bodies. Hormones help us to grow, develop, our metabolism, mood, sexual function, even how your body response to environmental changes, not to mention our blood composition. The hormone Estrogen is what helps keep our bones hard, our skin looking young and lustrous, and also helps prevent coronary artery disease, stroke, colon cancer, hot flashes, and even night sweats (in some people).

The hormone Progesterone is also vital for female hormones in helping to prepare the body for conception and pregnancy. Your body automatically produces more

Progesterone during the second half of your menstrual cycle and after the egg is released. During the beginning of a pregnancy, the levels of progesterone remains high to help maintain pregnancy. Progesterone is important for many different functions in our bodies for example, raising body temperature during ovulation, normalizing inflammation, acting as a muscle relaxer, modulating the immune system, influencing libido, helping convert stored fat into energy and preventing endometrial cancer.

Testosterone is also an important hormone for a women even though we consider it to be more of a male hormone. Testosterone’s main functions are develop lean muscle mass, influences libido, and helps us to feel emotionally balanced. All of these hormones work together to keep our bodies at optimum health.

Women are usually the ones running children here and there, cooking dinner, fixing lunches, and the millions of other things needing to be done in the day. Because of this, women don’t always take care of their own bodies. But it is vitally important to keep your body in a healthy functioning manner.

In an attempt to keep ourselves healthy, we take medications prescribed by the doctor for these imbalances. Many of these medications are derived from animal hormones. One example is one particular drug is derived from horse urine. How nasty is that! Not only is this drug linked to higher risk of coronary artery disease, but also strokes and cancer. Synthetic progesterone like in birth control pills, have been linked to breast cancer, depression, and vaginal bleeding. These drugs can cause your risk of breast cancer. These drugs can also remain in the body for up to 10 years.

So what are we to do? What other answers do we have? Well, thankfully we have some natural remedies which are showing some great results for our low hormone levels. I use a product called Endoflex. One great thing about Endoflex is that it was safe to use while I was pregnant and it didn’t affect the baby. It also helped my hormone balance during pregnancy and kept down my post-partum depression. This is a great way to go when you are on the verge of menopause. Another product that my friend has used is called Progessence Plus. At the age of 30, she had a hysterectomy after a lot health issues. She searched for years to find something natural to keep her away from the synthetic medication. She was never able to find anything that worked well until we both started using these products. She has had great results using this. Vicki also has had great results using PD 80/20 after her hysterectomy. She using a mixture of the Endoflex and PD 80/20 for her hot flashes and balance. PD 80/20 helps to keep the body balanced while it can also help prevent premature aging.

I know everyone is different, so results may vary.

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Are These Weird Problems Really Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Women?

Symptoms of yeast infection in women are easy to diagnose when they manifest as a thick, cottage cheese-like discharge with vaginal itching.

However, yeast overgrowth can masquerade as a host of other symptoms and diseases that are not easily linked to the yeast.

Generally these difficult to diagnose and treat problems come after a progression of health problems and treatments that usually only make the yeast overgrowth increase.

One of the most common downward vicious spirals begins with numerous treatments with antibiotics for recurrent bladder infections, chronic sinusitis, acne or other ongoing recurring infections.

As these antibiotics pass through the gastrointestinal tract, they kill off the normal friendly bacteria that help keep the yeast in check. Then the yeast overgrow more and become more virulent.

In the correct balance in the intestines, the yeast grow as little round benign spores. But with the aid of antibiotics they send out branching tree limb-like structures that may even invade and grow into the intestinal wall.

The digestive tract is now compromised in two ways:

First of all, food is not digested well, leaving larger particles of food that travel into the blood stream. The body recognizes these larger food particles as foreign invaders and dispatches the immune system to “fight” them.

As the immune system becomes more and more stressed defending against food particles, it may start attacking the body’s own tissues leading to autoimmune disorders.

The first wonderful young nurse that I hired had been diagnosed with Lupus shortly before I hired her. She had positive ANA tests and several of the symptoms of Lupus. Even worse, periodically she developed so much dysfunction in her right leg that she had to drag it when walking.

Amazingly as she instituted the measures to subdue the yeast in her body, all of her Lupus symptoms disappeared and she no longer had elevated ANA in her blood tests. She became yeast-free and freed from the Lupus.

Yeast overgrowth can contribute to or be the main cause of other immune system disorders too.

Secondly, in the gastrointestianal tract as the more virulent yeast mycelia invade the intestinal wall they create a space between the cells. Intestinal contents that were never meant to enter the body now have access into the blood stream. This problem has been labeled “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

Yeast toxins (by-products of their metabolism) may leak into the blood and eventually find their way to any organ. So can the larger food particles.

If either one of these abnormal substances winds up in the brain, you can feel spacey, fatigued, irritable, grouchy and even confused.

As the body becomes more and more overwhelmed by the yeast toxins (yeast chemicals), some women become sensitive to small amounts of chemicals in the environment. They can’t stand to be around perfume, even a small amount left in the clothing from washing with a scented detergent or fabric softener.

Tobacco smoke, new clothing stores, cleaning product aisles in grocery stores, and many other products make them so sick that they cannot function well enough to perform the chores of daily living. They have become chemically sensitive.

Some have such severe chemical sensitivity that they have to live as recluses in a very controlled environment.

This is just a brief review of symptoms of yeast infection in women. We might call the yeast overgrowth problem the “Great Masquerader”. Suspect it in complex diseases that have been difficult to treat.

With more knowledge and an astute holistic doctor even these very difficult problems that at first glance do not seem to relate to yeast at all, can be overcome.

As you institute the healthy lifestyle steps to reverse the yeast overgrowth and discover the yeast’s co-conspirators you are on your way to restoring abundantly good health.

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The Yoni Egg – Improve Your Health and Increase Orgasmic Capacity

This article is dedicated to women – and the men who care about them!

Here is an introduction to the “Yoni Egg” or often also called the “Jade Egg” today. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “Sacred Space” and stands for a woman’s sexual center. The sound of “Sacred Space” expresses much more the sense of honoring and cherishing than our clinical term vagina does.

I want to emphasize the relevance of having strong pelvic floor muscles. And here is where the Yoni Egg comes in: It allows you to enliven and keep your Yoni alive. It assists in developing and maintaining a strong, vital PC Muscle or Kegels, which is paramount to a healthy pelvic floor. By strengthening your PC Muscle with your Yoni Egg inserted while you use the breath to move the energy through your body you will:

1. Feel more grounded and centered in yourself

2. Be more in tune with your sensuous capacity

3. Massage your Yoni from the inside

4. Increase your flow of sexual hormones

5. Develop stronger orgasms

6. Heighten the responsiveness of your G-Spot

7. Maintain healthy reproductive organs

8. Prevent incontinence in later years

9. Experience pleasant aliveness in your feminine center

You already can tell that training your Yoni muscle with the aid of the Yoni Egg creates a whole new octave of sense of groundedness in your feminine being, of expanded sensual experience and ultimately expanded orgasmic capacity with sensations that are deliciously pleasurable.

The Yoni Egg is made from rose quartz – a polished gemstone. It comes in a sari pouch in various colors with instructions. You insert the Egg covered with some lube to make the passage smooth. Once the Egg is inside your Yoni it’s being held in by the vaginal sphincter muscle. The Egg cannot disappear in your womb – the tiny opening of the cervix won’t allow for that.

So you can rest assured that the Yoni Egg stays well enveloped in your Yoni space. You can leave it inserted for an hour or a whole day – as I do at times – depending on your comfort. Keep squeezing and releasing every so often. Once you want to take the Egg out just press with your pelvic floor muscle like you do during a bowel movement. It’ll flop out – catch it in your hand.

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